Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Once in a Blue Moon" Book Review/Giveaway

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a Hoover Vacuum when it comes to reading so I was so EXCITED when I was asked to review Eileen Gouge's new book "Once in a Blue Moon".

The book begins with two young sisters trying to live day to day life with a neglectful emotionally detached mother. Their colorful neighbor Miss Honi an ex-exotic dancer seems to be the only person that really cares about the two girls but when the girl's mother is arrested for drugs not even the love Miss Honey has for them can save them from being separated and thrown into the foster care system.

While the oldest sister Lindsey is adopted by a wonderful family in California, Kerrie Ann the younger sister is bounced from one foster home after another. Eventually Kerrie Ann drops out of school, has a child, and develops an addiction to drugs that leads to her having her own daughter taken from her.

Fast forward 30 years later Lindsey worries and despairs that she will never find her sister, but one day Kerrie Ann lands on the doorstep of the quaint little bookstore in California that she owns. The two sisters realize early on that they are completely different and have a very difficult time getting along or understanding each other since they seem to have nothing in common.

Can two sister so unlike each ever come together and have a relationship after so many years???

I LOVED this book it has an appealing storyline with plenty of twists and even a few secrets. I was immediately drawn into the lives of the characters and it definitely kept me up reading late a few nights to read what would happen next!

You can visit Eileen Gouge’s website at I personally plan on purchasing some of her other books!

This book will be released on October 6th at a bookstore near you.

A big thanks to the nice people at One2one for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!


One of our lucky readers will win a copy of Eileen Gouge's "Once in a Blue Moon" and a copy of her bests seller "Woman In Red"

It's really simple to enter:

1. Just leave me a comment under this post with your first name only.

2. Email me at with your first name and don't forget to put "Once in a Blue Moon" in the subject of your email.

Winner will be announced on November 5th on our blog!



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Please enter me in this contest, as I would love to read this book.


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I would love to enter and give this book a try, Thanks Hailey

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