Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Free Dale Jr. Fan Club Kit

I received a nice Freebie in the mail today and checked to see if it was still available, and it is!!

Enter your email and click enter in the lower right hand side where it says "Fan Club Sign Up" You will notice once you click on this it will say on the left hand side "Sign up now and receive a club kit containing #88 Gear.

In this kit you receive a super cool hat, a nice key chain, and a sticker.

1 comment:

Melli said...

Hi There
That's very cool for Jr fans, but I'm on the 5 team lol and we are struggling right now just to stay consistant enough and stay in the top 12 to make the chase.
Jr is coming around with his new CC its going to take time and I hope to see him in the Chase, but he needs to get going real fast from now until the end of Sept when the Chase starts.

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