Sunday, November 22, 2009

Motor Oil Matters Review/Giveaway

Well first off I must say about the only thing I know about changing my motor oil is that it needs to be done when the light goes on in my car showing it needs a service. Yes, I know sad but true.

However when I visited I found out a whole lot of information that I never knew.

Here are a few examples:

What does the "W" stand for in motor oil names?

It stands for winter, not weight as many people believe.

What is considered severe driving?

Severe use typically includes stop-and-go driving, frequent high-speed driving and short trips.

Towing, operating in dusty conditions and operating in cold and hot weather are also typically considered severe service.

You should review the severe service definition in your owner’s manual to determine the proper oil drain interval.

There is also a really helpful area on the website that can help you choose the right oil for your Make and Model of vehicle.


The nice people of Shell Lubricants and have provided our blog the opportunity review and give away a $35.00 dollar Jiffy Lube gift card to one of our lucky readers.

It's really easy to enter:

1. Leave me a comment below with your first name only.
2. Email me at Make sure you put "Jiffy Lube Gift Card" in the subject line. And just put your first name in the body of the email.

The winner will be announced on our blog on December 10th. We will also email our winner!


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Anonymous said...

I change my own oil so it would be good to get this gift card.

Holladay Family said...

Lisa. :)

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